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Black Urinal Mats 12/Case

This revolutionary anti-microbial bathroom mat is not only effective in preventing foul odors, but attacks the root of the problem by eliminating bacterial growth.

Another breakthrough feature of these bathroom floor mats is the “Time in Service Monitor,” This tiny timer, which is implanted into the corner of the bathroom mat, lets you know when the urinal mat was put down and, thus, when it’s time to remove it.

• Disposable urinal mats cost just pennies a day.

• These anti-microbial mats stick to the floor via double-sided tape, have a slip-resistant backing and are ADA compliant.

• Reduce labor and cleaning costs by spending less time mopping and cleaning these areas.

• Even though these floor mats absorb and breakdown the urine, the surface of the mat remains dry.

• Dimensions: 19.25″ x 16.75″




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